Our diverse civil litigation and administrative law practice includes the following areas of law:

Commercial and Business Litigation:

Our firm represents businesses, institutions, and individuals in the litigation of disputes of all types, including contractual disputes, fraud, and torts.

Construction Law and Design Professionals:

Our firm represents contractors and design professionals throughout Virginia in disputes arising out of construction projects.  Our attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to develop the most effective strategy to protect our clients in complex litigation.

Employment Law:

Our firm handles cases in all legal matters related to employment contracts and discrimination claims, civil rights claims, and torts.

Environmental and Toxic Tort:

Our firm handles cases involving toxic and hazardous substances.  Our attorneys have experience defending asbestos and silicosis claims, as well as claims involving exposure to industrial chemicals, pollutants, mold, smoke-related injuries, sick building syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities and improper application of pesticides. 

Local Government Liability:

Our firm represents governmental entities such as counties, cities, towns, school boards, as well as their agencies and authorities, including housing services, water authorities, police departments, locally elected officials and local government appointees and employees in matters such as contract, civil rights, constitutional, employment, tax and tort.

Insurance Coverage:

Our firm regularly advises and represents insurance carriers in coverage disputes and litigation arising under all types of policies, including commercial general liability, commercial auto, uninsured motorist, life, and homeowners.

Products Liability:

Our firm represents companies that design, manufacture and market, distribute and sell consumer products and materials.  We have experience in defending companies in litigation involving motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, outdoor equipment, home and office products, construction tools and equipment, and a variety of other products.

Professional Liability and Licensure:

Our firm regularly defends professionals against a large variety of liability claims and cases, as well as licensure claims prosecuted by the Commonwealth of Virginia, including but no limited to attorneys, accountants, veterinarians, architects and engineers, contractors, school administrators and employees, real estate agents, corporate directors and officers.


Our firm regularly defends individuals, businesses, and public and private organizations against all tort claims and cases, including assault, battery, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, trespass, fraud, and contracts or business interests.

Workers’ Compensation:

Our firm defends insurers and employers against workplace injury and workers’ compensation claims and cases.

Zoning, Planning and Land Use;

Our firm represents localities, their departments, agencies and employees in all zoning, planning, subdivision regulation and land use matters.

Serving Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia